A brand new way to understand your code.

This classy guy can help you understand the code better! www.dumels.com

I think that one of the most intimidating experiences, when you try to contribute to an existing codebase, is to obtain an overview of the project. How many times have you felt the urge to help with an open-source project in GitHub but immediately felt like it was an overwhelming task? I might have stumbled upon a possible solution or at least a way to ease your journey when facing this issue.

Since I finished the first version of GoPlantUml, I have received excellent feedback from users and contributors. However, the most interesting one was from users that generated the diagrams but did not understand how to see it. GoPlantUML is a library by design. Although it works as a command, its purpose is to generate plantuml diagrams from your local code. But the key is that is is a library and not a command. So it occurred to a friend of mine and me that we could build a service using this library to generate diagrams from public repositories. And consequently, www.dumels.com was born.

With Dumels, you can quickly obtain an overview of the structs relationship in any public GitHub GoLang project. With this project, we seek to make it easier to get on board a new project.

If you use it, whether you enjoy it, or have new ideas, or find any problems, we will appreciate any feedback from you. I know it helps me, but I hope you can find it valuable as well. In the end, all we want is to encourage more programmers to contribute to open-source projects.

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