Big iOS learning classic is back again

The very well-known Stanford University’s course CS193p (Developing Applications for iOS using SwiftUI) formerly using Swift, has been broadcasted again this year.

This is the second time the curse is entirely done in SwiftUI. The course is very similar to last years’ but has some new approaches and updates that might worth repeating.

As always Paul Hegarty is the lecturer, the Stanford professor has been recording these courses since 2010, although not every year. Paul’s teaching is very smooth, and while this is an iOS non-experienced entry course, the learning curve gets very sharp. It’s a lengthy hard-working course, that covers some of the major topics of iOS. Whoever accomplishes this course exhaustively will have a deep understanding of iOS developing and would be out of the door a competent iOS developer.

The lecturer expects you to have a packed Computing Science background and profound programming experience. Some key aspects of object programing would be mentioned but not explained. This is an all-programmer course but not a free for all class.

It’s compounded by sixteen lessons, three readings assignments and other support materials.

The Stanford University’s course CS193p URL is this:

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