Buddybuild vs Xcode Server best Continuous Integration system. Current pick, security, risks, maintenance

I am currently setting up a Continuous Integration system for a complex iOS project. Ultimately, I came down to these two options, as I want to stay in Apple’s realm.

This is no easy fly question, I have read a lot about the matter, but the evil is on the details, I want to waive all the pros and cons before moving forward and start a complex implementation.

This is what I see mainly:

Xcode Server


  • Free
  • Deep Integration with Xcode
  • No Fastlane or other 3rd parties’ scripts.


  • Hard to setup
  • No Cross Platform Support
  • Extra management of Server



  • Great UI
  • Multiple features
  • No management nor maintenance
  • Easy to set up


  • Pricey
  • No VPN configuration access
  • Is from Apple but isn’t Apple, so security and privacy backing isn’t the same

I can go on into the specifics, but I don’t want to bias anybody, and I’d like to hear clean opinions from the community, So, as March 2019, which would be your first pick if you are developing a team project iOS App and you need a Continuous Integration system? Thank you all very much!

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