Google play app review times


The fast boy is no longer the quickest.

Google used to publish Apps almost instantly, no quality review whatsoever, as result, the Google Play Store was full of garbage. Crappy Apps, malicious Apps and overall useless Apps were rampant. Several scandals and privacy breaches after, Google said, no more… “We will review the Apps and ensure some quality across the board”, (turns out that, although criticized, Apple was right, all the time).

Sadly, as today, Google review is slower than Apple’s and very dark, without any support and poor tracking.

That said… I think something had be done to clean the Play Store and I hope that the review process will be improved.

Currently, average waiting times are:

  • New Apps, new developers, 1 to 7 days.
  • New Apps, seasoned developers, 1 to 4 days.
  • Updates, 24h to 36h, sometimes less.

This is purely based on my experienced and colleagues’ feedback, there’s no inside information, Google has none to my knowledge.

If you want to avoid these waiting times, you better submit your Apps ahead of time, be in the safe side.

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