Kotlin vs Java. what should i pick for my new android project?

Unlike iOS, where Swift is overtaking Objective-C rapidly and the momentum is clear. In the Android world, presently, the language option is not that clear.

Yes, Kotlin is there, new, coming forward, garden-fresh, 21-century ready but it isn’t ultimately taking off, not as expected.

Kotlin was first introduced by JetBrains in 2011, which is the creator of IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, and many other top IDEs. It got its name from ‘Kotlin Island’ in St. Petersburg, Russia. Made to strike Java.

That said, the dominance of Java is still immense, the number of libraries, APIs, code generally speaking is humongous. Not to mention the readability of it, the many algorithms and things done or thought already in Java, yeah… Simple as it sounds, it’s hard to break a solid present for a “uncertain” bright future.

Many new companies and developers are moving to Kotlin, for an Android developer, nowadays Kotlin is a must. But in my opinion and based on the feedback of the developers I know, what is important… goes in Java, even if it’s a new App development.

Anyhow, this dissertation isn’t a language comparison or review, of those are many in the Internet, technically Kotlin would always win. Nevertheless, bear in mind that at the end, the outcome performance is pretty much the same.

However, Kotlin comes attached with a bigger runtime size compared to Java. (Kotlin’s Apps are bigger) also the language is still fairly new and far from being stable and although we can safely say that Kotlin is ultimately a better programing language than Java, those two are big cons that would deter any serious developer endeavoring any serious development.

I might sound biased, but I just want to substantiate my point and final statement: “Kotlin might be the future, but Java is still the present”.

Disagree? Just comment…

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